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What Pet Parents Say

Nikita & Aakash (Izzi & Lucy)

The first time my big girl (Izzi) met Ishmeet, was at a doggie event where Harley’s Corner was catering for the pups. It was at this event, my considerate little angel shamelessly went about finishing every other doggies share of food like it was the only food she had ever tasted. I knew right then that a long lasting relationship between Izzi and Harley’s Corner was about to be made. The idea being, 1 cake a year on the birthdays (obviously). Man was I wrong. Harley’s cakes and treats come home quicker than the monthly groceries do. I’ve known Ishmeet and Harley’s Corner now for over 6 years. Ishmeet’s doggy loving, animal caring and absolute generous jolly nature reflects in Harley’s Corner brand. The indie doggos outside his home will vouch for that. My babies (yes now we have 2) have grown up eating Harley’s Corner cakes and treats and smothering Ishmeet with grateful kissies. Aakash and I will forever be grateful and thankful to Ishmeet and Harley’s Corner for always making my babies tails wag extra hard ❤️



Kaustubh & TinTin

…& I became dog father, TinTin comes home…. an adorable 16 month old young Fawn Color Lab. We were always looking to adopt a dog & were against buying one from a puppy mill. Tintin came to us from a Jain family and had never tasted Non-Veg food. 🙁 Unfortunately we too cannot cook Non-Veg in our rented apartment. While we tried Dry food, even the premium imported range, it was very difficult for her to manage the digestion of Dry Food. Not that they were not nutritious but difficult for her to digest. Then came our Santa by the name of Ishmeet with Harleys Corner & Tintin’s world changed, from curd rice she has completely moved to the food packets. Few brilliant advantages of the food packets,1) Super quality wet food and highly nutritious 2) Very Hygienic & good quality meat 3) Easy to carry during our weekend trips 4) There is no body odour & her coat is well maintained due to her food intake. I sincerely thank Ishmeet for his love & care for the pets, giving deliveries on time & maintaining the highest standards of quality and hygiene. Kudos to team Harleys Corner.

Liver Dip


Tanya & Husky

“You are what you eat!!

My golden “Husky” has been on a Harley’s Corner diet for about 5 years now. He is our healthy 12 year old, who eats noting but the best. He had developed a couple of ailments that go with being on a dry food diet and since the switch, he has been in excellent health.

All thanks to Harley’s Corner.”

Mutton Stew


Lezianna, Lafi, Spark & Spicy

This is from all at home.

Our dogs love the cakes, ice-cream, treats, etc that we have been purchasing since years.

Thank you for making each birthday a happy one.



Rajesh, Orra & Ella

“Both my kids are fussy eaters- getting them to eat kibble was always an uphill task. I was also concerned with preservatives and chemicals in that are present in kibble.

We have never had any such problem with Harley’s Corner food. We know exactly what it contains and the puppers happily lap it up.”



Miriam, Sam, Cleo, Cyndi, Hugo, Billy, Milo, Tango, Brandy & Sugar

“The approval committee gives full marks to Harley’s Corner kitchen
……and Mom approves too!

Flavours to tickle every canine palate and nutrition to please the most fastidious paw-rent.

Add to that the lack of salt and preservatives and you have a winning combination.

I have yet to meet a dog that didn’t absolutely LOVE and thrive on the flavors of Harley’s Corner Kitchen.”  

Mutton Stew


Seema & Mohan

Our dogs, Zoey & Spock, have been enjoying Harley’s Corner food since 2017.

And when Laila & Vayu, our physically challenged boy, joined the family, it was a no-brainer as to what food they would eat. Laila is a parvo survivor, and once she recovered, she was put on this food. She grew well, her gut settled, her fur became glossy, and she blossomed.

And, we had absolutely no doubt that she would.

Ishmeet is just so comfortable to deal with – he’s prompt with his delivery and responses to any queries we as paw-parents may have.

You can see his passion in the food he prepares for the furries. Honestly speaking, I have tasted the food (and all it’s missing is some seasoning 🤩 & I would eat it).

Thank you, Harley boy, for inspiring your paw-daddy to create such treats for our babies!

Zoey, Spock, Laila & Vayu send you their salaam 🐾 .

With all good wishes from happy parents, Seema & Mohan

Meena Nambiar

Harley’s Corner has made it very simple to access healthy, unprocessed, real and well portioned food for our pets! Our dogs love it and we love it too because of the ease

Veggie Surprise


Nirmiti Acharya

We’ve been ordering from Harleys Corner for about a year now for our 5yo Labrador, Teddy. Teddy loves its taste and the food keeps him healthy, active and playful all day long. I’d surely recommend Harleys Corner to all pet parents for the wide range of options that they have to offer.

Mutton Sauce


Sanra Jacob

This is Archer & he is eternally grateful to Harley’s Corner. We were introduced to Harley’s Corner munchies last year by some friends. Thanks to their capability of delivering anywhere in India, we do not have to worry about running out of stock. Archer’s favourites are the munchies & GourMutt meals & the bags keep coming home. Thank you Harley’s Corner & Ishmeet.




My dog Mammu gives Harley’s meals and liver sauce 1000 Michelin Stars. They are fresh, nutritious and yummy. Mammu especially loves that there is zero waiting time involved when he gets hungry – just open the pack and it’s gobble time!



Why doggos love us

Real Food

Real meat,
real veggies &
100% Human Grade.


Crafted with love by
professional dog chefs.


Like a home cooked meal.

Why pet parents love us


No preservatives,
no artificial additives,
balanced nutrition.

Value for Money

Premium quality
at an affordable price.


Delivered to your doorstep,
no refrigeration, easy to carry,
ambient shelf life.

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