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A sumptuous and balanced meal with low levels of fat, prepared with millets and assorted vegetables.


This carefully designed meal encapsulates the full nutritional richness of pork, chicken heart, liver, and gizzard, accompanied by a medley of vegetables, sorghum millet, lentils, sunflower oil, basil seeds, algae calcium, and seaweed powder. It’s a well-rounded diet that enhances digestive wellness, supports skin and coat health, reinforces the immune system, and offers enduring energy, ensuring your dog remains lively and full of vitality.


Pork, Millets, Lentils, Chicken Organs (Gizzard, Heart, Liver), Pumpkin, Zucchini, Cauliflower, Carrot, Sabja seeds, Sunflower oil, Algae Calcium, Seaweed Powder, Minerals & Vitamins

Feeding Guide & Serving Size

  • Feed your dog a meal twice a day, 10-12 hour apart.
  • For each meal, feed 12-15 gms per kg of body weight-e.g., a 30 kg dog needs 360 gms to 450 gms per meal.
  • Based on the age (under 10 months) and level of activity, feed an additional 15-20% of the recommended portion per meal.
  • Serve at room temperature.

Nutrition Value:

Approx Value per 150g.
kcal (Kcal)190
Total Fat(g)7.6
Crude Fibre(g)1.9
Sodium(g)No added Sodium

Feeding Guide

  • Overview
  • About Dog
  • Age
  • Weight
  • Activity Level
  • Diet

Find out how much to feed your dog

It is imperative to feed your dog the right amount of food to ensure he/she gets the optimum nutrition needed.

Contrary to what other brands say, a dog is not fed according to their breed, but according to their body weight and activity levels.

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