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Because we love food,

And we love our dogs.

It’s the combination of love that makes Harley’s Corner what it is.

Our Story

Harley’s Corner was created for Harley, my big boy Indie, who adopted me as his pet parent at a construction site. It was love at first sight. I took home this adorable hungry puppy and realised that the dry dog food available in the market was not healthy for him. As a trained hotel management professional and a canine nutritionist, I decided to develop healthy and wholesome meals for Harley, which he loved as did other dogs in our neighbourhood! Our brand was built on the heartfelt response from wagging tails and happy pet parents.

~ Ishmeet Singh Chandiok (Founder)

We are India’s first ready-to-eat premium wet dog food brand, made with 100% human grade ingredients, zero preservatives and tonnes of love with an ambient shelf life of 12 months.

Company Mission

At Harley’s Corner, our mission is simple yet profound: to provide your beloved pets with the highest quality, 100% human-grade pet food, free of preservatives and artificial additives. We believe that the path to a longer, happier life for your furry family members starts with their diet. Our commitment to their well-being mirrors the care and love they bring to your life.

Welcome to a world where every pet thrives.

Company Vision

At Harley’s Corner, we envision a world where every pet thrives on the nourishment of 100% human-grade, preservative-free, home-styled pet food. Founded by a passionate pet parent, we’ve witnessed the gap in both the Indian and global market and made it our mission to bridge it. Our commitment is clear: to extend the lives of pets, providing them with the vitality they deserve.

Through our dedication, we aspire to be known as the Dog Food Bowl of the world, pioneering exports from India. We see a future where our products transcend borders, nourishing pets across continents, and setting new standards in pet nutrition. With each meal, we’re not just feeding pets; we’re nurturing their longevity, health, and happiness, creating a legacy of wellbeing for generations to come.

Our Process

Cutting-Edge Technology: Harley’s Corner embraces cutting-edge technology to bring you the freshest and most nutritionally rich food without the need for preservatives. Our commitment to quality is exemplified by our use of Retort Technology, a game-changing method in food preservation.

Extended Shelf Life: Our retort-sealed packaging ensures that our products remain shielded from external contaminants. Combined with the absence of preservatives, this guarantees an extended shelf life at ambient room temperature of 12 months without compromising quality.

Taste and Texture: We understand the importance of maintaining the taste and texture of freshly prepared meals. With our precise control of temperature and pressure, Retort Technology allows us to deliver products that have the same experience of home-cooked goodness.

Sustainability Efforts: At Harley’s Corner, we are committed to sustainable practices. By reducing the need for preservatives and extending shelf life, our use of Retort Technology leads to less food waste and a smaller environmental footprint.

Why doggos love us

Real Food

Real meat,
real veggies &
100% Human Grade.


Crafted with love by
professional dog chefs.


Like a home cooked meal.

Why pet parents love us


No preservatives,
no artificial additives,
balanced nutrition.

Value for Money

Premium quality
at an affordable price.


Delivered to your doorstep,
no refrigeration, easy to carry,
ambient shelf life.

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What Professionals Say

What Pet Parents Say

Meena Nambiar

Harley’s Corner has made it very simple to access healthy, unprocessed, real and well portioned food for our pets! Our dogs love it and we love it too because of the ease

Veggie Surprise


Nirmiti Acharya

We've been ordering from Harleys Corner for about a year now for our 5yo Labrador, Teddy. Teddy loves its taste and the food keeps him healthy, active and playful all day long. I'd surely recommend Harleys Corner to all pet parents for the wide range of options that they have to offer.




My dog Mammu gives Harley's meals and liver sauce 1000 Michelin Stars. They are fresh, nutritious and yummy. Mammu especially loves that there is zero waiting time involved when he gets hungry - just open the pack and it's gobble time!






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