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Home-cooked food? Packaged wet dog food? What’s better for you and your dog?

Would you feed your dog an unbalanced diet? A diet that doesn’t encompass vitamins, proteins and minerals crucial for your dog’s health and growth? Would you compromise on safety, convenience and palatability?

As a concerned pet parent, we feel inclined to feed our dog whatever we’ve eaten or made at home. However many substances consumed by humans may not be fit for your dog’s consumption. We feel that homemade food is economical, natural, not artificially processed and adequate for our dog’s extensive diet. We often fail to realise that a home-cooked meal lacks all the crucial elements necessary for your dog’s comprehensive diet, shiny coat and longer life.

Advantages of packaged wet dog food over home-cooked food:

  1. Time and Convenience: You save a great deal of time by ordering wet dog food. Retort technology ensures a shelf life of over 12 months. The packet can be cut open, poured into a bowl and licked clean by your dog without the hassle of refrigeration. Whereas home-cooked meals require chopping vegetables, making a separate sodium-free meal and more greasy cooking vessels.
  2. Travel: You and your beloved dog are travel buddies? Constant preparation of food may be tedious when you travel, but packaged wet dog food is travel-friendly and a nutritious balanced meal anywhere anytime.
  3. Palatability: Wet dog food offers a vast range of savoury meals and treats. Your dog may want variations from home-cooked meals that can be fulfilled by trying out new flavours.
  4. Vet/Canine nutritionist approved: Kibble leads to renal failure- a scientifically proven theory that many pet parents are unaware of yet continue to feed their dogs ultra-processed and dry pellets. ( Vets vouch for wet dog food that can help dogs live longer and happier lives.

Pet parents are often conflicted between home-cooked meals and packaged wet dog food. The question is ‘What food is best suited for my dog?’ It entirely depends on your dog’s activity level, weight, age and if they have or are prone to any allergies. A vet or canine nutritionist’s opinion would be suitable.