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How Can Dogs Beat the Summer Heat? What To Feed and What Not To?

Summer’s here and we need to stay cool and calm as well as our beloved dogs. What we eat in the heat greatly affects our overall health. Now some pet parents may ask, why do we need to alter our dog’s meals? The answer: a dog’s metabolism drops in the summer.  Here’s What We Can […]

Home-cooked food? Packaged wet dog food? What’s better for you and your dog?

Would you feed your dog an unbalanced diet? A diet that doesn’t encompass vitamins, proteins and minerals crucial for your dog’s health and growth? Would you compromise on safety, convenience and palatability? As a concerned pet parent, we feel inclined to feed our dog whatever we’ve eaten or made at home. However many substances consumed […]

Tummy trouble? Decode dog food for fussy pups

It’s not uncommon for some pups to have different tastes and are often picky eaters. Several pups suffer from allergies, and sensitive stomachs or resist eating certain meals. This causes a great deal of stress for pups as well as pet parents. Dealing with a picky or fussy eater starts with acknowledging what makes them […]