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Wet Food & The Dog Food Market

With increasing your dog’s life expectancy by over 30 months, to growing as a segment in the rapidly expanding dog food market in India, to multiple lawsuits being brought against commercial dry food kibble manufacturers, here’s a lot you need to know about what to feed your dog! The pet care industry in India is […]

The Beginning of The Dog Chef

Of Humble Beginnings… The Dog Chef!! … over 90% of the people I introduce myself to as The Dog Chef have the standard response… “Dog Chef?? Is that really a thing? … You mean, you cook for dogs? ”Duh… yes… I don’t think that title makes me a chef who cooks dogs now, does it?? […]

Perils of dry dog food and why pet parents should say no to it!

For years, pet parents have been under the impression that dry dog food, such as kibble, is nutritious, balanced, and provides all the required minerals and vitamins to their pets. But the reality of dry dog food is something different. A quick online search for dog food lawsuits reveals many reasons to avoid dry dog […]